Uos3 Data

— PHP, Laravel, full-stack

UoS3 Data is my contribution to the University of Southampton Small Satellite project - a site to collect and display the data captured by the UoS3 cubesat. The project is still in progress, the full code can be found in the Uos3 project repositories on GitHub.

The site is written in PHP, using the Laravel framework. It is currently hosted on a Linode instance running Ubuntu 16.04, maintained by me and Phil Crump, another project participant.

The innitial inspiration for the site was the FUNcube data site. The form of the site has changed several times during the development, reflecting the changing needs of the project, and will likely change again in the future.

The main functions of the site currently are:

Data collection

HAM enthusiasts will capture the data using a SDR# plugin (still in development), which will then upload to UoS3 Data through a REST API in raw binary format. The raw data is decoded and stored in MySQL tables for manipulation and display (keeping the raw data as backup).

Data display/access

Making the satellite data accessible is one of the main roles of the site. The data will be displayed on the site; it will also be accessible for download in csv format. The data is presented as simple tables, which will be later complemented by visualizations (most likely written in D3.js).

Community features

To motivate people to capture and submit satellite data, we're planning to create a leaderboard of submitters. HAMs who want to participate can create a user account, fill out some basic personal info (name, organization) and be assigned a "submit key". This key, entered into the settings of the SDR# plugin, will associate their uploads with their account. After that, they can agree to appear on the Leaderboard page.