Fontawsome Memo Game


"Fontawsome Memo" is a JavaScript memo game (pexeso) I did as a personal project, to test a few techniques and generally have fun.

When I started working on Memo, I've been working on long-running projects in PHP and Python, and I just really wanted something small, fun and JS to play with. I decided to write a simple game using the finite state machine design concept. I always thought it's neat, but never had a chance to actually use it for anything.

Originally I wanted to build everything from scratch, but in the end I opted to use the approach outlined in the Smashing Magazine article The Rise Of The State Machines, written by Krasimir Tsonev.

Overall, it was a neat project that let me try a lot of different things: ES2015 features, flexbox implementation details, events and states. My favorite was the color and image randomization - picking "pretty" colors using HSL is so satisfying.

My least favorite was getting the Fontawsome icons to show up, which turned up to be a classic PEBCAK.

Screenshot - colorful memo cards with Fontawsome symbols