— WordPress, JavaScript, Google Maps API

This interactive website was a part of a big inter-disciplinary student project called Ašané, focused on urban development of Aš, the west-most city in Czech republic. (Other parts were a publicising campaign, two exhibitions and a printed newspaper/publication.) The project was a partnership between Studio of Graphic Design 2 at FFA BUT and the Faculty of Architecture, TUL.

screenshot: data overlays

The website had two main goals – present data analysis of Aš that were created by the architects, and serve as a space for discussion about the urbanistic problems of Aš. Both of these goals were achieved by using the Google Maps API (together with JQuery and a GUI library JEasyUI) to create a kind of “map-based discussion board” – the users could create topics/threads as points on the map of the city to discuss specific problematic places. The analysis was displayed as several graphic overlays placed over the map. The backend was handled by WordPress, and the entire interactive part was built as a WP theme (making it portable and potentially expandable/adaptable for other uses).


I worked together with Barbora Vrzáková and Vojta Voborník, who created the design of the website and the text/formatting of the articles, respectively.


screenshot: map of discussions

screenshot: discussion topic on map

screenshot: creation of new discussion topic