Recent work

Chance to Change: Volunteering Toolbox

— content design, editing, illustration

Chance to Change: Volunteering Toolbox is an online resource for volunteering initiatives interested in the topic of youth violence.

The website is an output of an international capacity-building project within the Erasmus+ framework. The involved organizations have worked together, created a number of very interesting materials, and needed to make them accessible somehow.

EEP Companion

— JavaScript, React Native, mobile development

EEP Companion is a smartphone app companion for an educational environmental path located in Stoumont, Belgium. It is a proof-of-concept prototype created for the "ORA: Non Formal Environmental Education to enhance youth inclusion" project.

Older projects

— WordPress, JavaScript, Google Maps API

This interactive website was a part of a big inter-disciplinary student project called Ašané, focused on urban development of Aš, the west-most city in Czech republic. (Other parts were a publicising campaign, two exhibitions and a printed newspaper/publication.) The project was a partnership between Studio of Graphic Design 2 at FFA BUT and the Faculty of Architecture, TUL.

Art Twitter bots

— Python, bots, PaaS

During my Erasmus exchange semester at Winchester School of Art, I spent a lot of time thinking about art, it's definition, and my relationship to it. A part of that thinking was programming twitter bots.

Interactive self-portrait

— Processing, generated graphics

This self-portrait was created as an intro page for my previous portfolio website. It's created in Processing (the IDE and the language), and displayed using the Processing.js library.